Add monthly billing and payment for companies


For companies, it is quite tedious to have small invoices of a few euros for each partial charge. It would be great to have one invoice per month.


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I would also like this as a private person. Receiving four notifications, two emails and two debits on my card per charging session is way too much. Please just add them together monthly and make the separate sessions visible in the app


Flo Somerfield

Hi LightningSword, I have some good news! We do offer this service for small and medium sized businesses as a separate product called Bonnet Dash. Bonnet Dash gives you a single monthly invoice for any charging that you do, as well as driver management and full access to your charging data. Please see here for more info and sign up: www.joinbonnet.com/partners-dash



Interesting! Although as a company of one person, I am not really interested in other features such as driver/fleet management. If I go on Bonnet Dash, will I still get my -15% discount from Boosts ?