Charge point reservation

Patrick Reich

Reserve a charging point for yourself in advance


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Scott Vessey

Surely that would require every single partner to allow this natively in order for Bonnet to be able to offer it?

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yes tesla also charge for overstaying £1/min


Oscar Susan

Hi team ,People are now beginning to use chargers as their own PRIVATE charging spot thus depriving the charger to others and loss of revenue to the operator and not moving the vehicle once charged.
So why not charge a vehicle as per usual and offer to charge for parking beyond the charge cycle?
5mins grace ,$9.50 for half hr or part therefore and $45 per hr thereafter. Parking companies charge fees in the city CBD, why not at a charger beyond a fair time limit?
Reserve is just a worse experience.
Oscar Susan -CFSP
Melbourne Australia.

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Richard Waugh

Have to be careful with this. Not all people are able bodied there has to be allowances for blue badge customers, they generally get extra time to get to their car after parking tickets expire & longer on anpr setups as legally you'd be discriminating against them if you didn't make allowances.

What might seem intolerable to you might be someone else moving as fast as they can & not all cars have the ability to see what the SoC is remotely either.

Given there are next to no disabled EV chargers we need to be careful before jumping on stuff like charging for over staying


Patrick Reich

Status changed to: Planned