Add custom car with own parameters/values and use it to filter


As a user i would like to add a custom car with my own parameters/values and be able to filter by it.
1. add option "custom car" on top of the list
2. option takes me to a form where i can fill in and or choose:
- car name
- car image
- custom parameters
- custom usage values
- save button
3. hitting save adds my custom car to custom cars section at the top of the list.
4.i can now pick my custom car and use it.

Added value of this Feature is that you can instantly close multiple tickets related to adding additional cars to the list because users can do it them selfs.

More added value is that you can start collecting data/inventory of cars maintained by the community of users instead of only relying of whatever list you are importing and parsing from righ now. users are more active than the maintainers of the list you are currently using and more accurate as well. Best of all its free work done and data collected. win-win
Maybe you can reward people for moderating or contributing even.

I would like to help you guys manage and build this and more cool features as well as solve bugs, as i am a Senior Software Engineer my self and i like your concept.
So feel free to reach our when you are hirering.

Best regards,
Khalil Gharbaoui